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What we've learned 
Game Brochure and Instruction Design
  • Most of the first-time user experience understand the controls, interface, gameplay elements in the first scene. However, when players get to the second scene they are not sure what is the goal here. Because we are still building on the second scene, we will continue to work on that and make it complete in the end

  • Users hope that the character can do a double jump, we will definitely consider that because it can short the time of jumping between platforms. I find about 10 percent kids drop off the game in the first scene because they fail so many times of climbing ladders and become impatient to restart it. But majority of users are able to arrive the final destination and win the game because they are so curious about what will happen in this level 



  • A great story and great start o the overall look and feel of the game

  • Great mechanics similar to portal

  • Awesome trippy theme, initial designs create a great world

  • Music is great.



  • The intro moves slow and choppy, it should be more fluid and maybe in color

  • Can you skip the intro?

  • The girl is really cute and the game is super cute

  • I like the suspense


  • Backdoor can’t go through

  • Hidden suggestion or arrow if you get stuck

  • Door doesn’t open til front and center

  • Overall a good game

  • What happen’s the next level?


  • It could be a little harder, Otherwise, it is a perfectly good platformer. I give it 5 stars!


-Damper on Jump

Objective statements

Double Jump added

More characters


So I do like the concept of the game but what could be amazing is two simple things

  1. Put walking on grass sounds once you fall and start walking or running back

  2. Voice for the Lizard Queen

-Lucas Bell


I enjoy how the story goes and like the way it looks sort of like minecraft. What I would suggest is placing a couple more objects on the ground for the first part because it looks like the house is in the middle of nowhere. For part 2 I believe it’s a little too bright and that could make some players not be able to see the platform very well. –Josh Villanueva

Game Demo Playthrough

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