A story about a girl whose magic powers are revealed to her when a strange lizard woman steals her mother’s necklace.


Yaya is just an average ten year-old girl. She lives with her dad in an apartment in Alphabet City, and her best friend is her pet lizard Chili. She never takes off her mother's necklace, because she's never needed to, but one day Chili makes her necklace dirty so she has to take it off. When she does a lizard woman sneaks into her home and steals her necklace, just in time for Yaya to catch her in the act. But just when she and Chili think they have the woman cornered, they end up transported to a strange magical world! Will Yaya get her necklace back? Will she ever get home? And what is this haunting song she keeps hearing?


It's hard to be an average ten-year old girl.

Character Inspiration designed by Katie

© 2017 by Nan & Sydney. 

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